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About us

Little Bear is an independent pet supply store in Montreal, Quebec that has been serving the Westmount neighborhood and satisfied customers all over the city since 1994. The owner, Chuck Altman, began working at Little Bear in 1996 and assumed ownership in 2002. Since then, Little Bear has grown as fast as a puppy, quickly becoming one of the most trusted and well-known independent pet stores in the province. The co-owner, Doobie, ( arrived unannounced on March 26th, 2003; he was a familiar sight to the neighborhood and to customers, since he did most of his day's work (product testing, napping, visiting with customers) from the store's front window. He now does all his product testing from home, since the store has become quite the hectic place lately. The window is no longer the best place for him, but don't worry, he has a great view of the neighborhood from the couch, and his dog walker visits daily.

Little Bear is a different breed of pet supply store, focussed on providing the widest possible selection of high-quality and premium pet products so that every customer can find something that's right for their pets. This is no big box store; customers and pets roam the aisles, enjoying the friendly atmosphere and knowledgeable customer service. The sense of community is furthered by the open bulletin board, where people who are looking to adopt pets or to have animals placed can post their own notices. In order to serve you better, most of Little Bear's catalogs are now being made available to everyone, here at Littlebearonline, check back often since we are constantly updating the site. Enjoy, and if you're in the neighbourhood, come visit us at 4152 St Catherine West and remember pets are always welcome.

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Animalerie Little Bear est fier d'avoir été au service des propriétaires d'animaux de Montréal depuis 1996. Situé au 4152 Sainte-Catherine O, Montréal, Québec, Canada. Appelez-nous au (514) 935-3425

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